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    I have copied two seperate threads about railimages, one from Charlie who owns trainboard, and one from Paul who helps out in the railimages section. Both posts are fairly self explanartory. I know they are working hard to get railimages back up as it is very popular. Any of you looking for a good place to store your images, railimages is a good place, even with the current hick up.

    And I quote:
    Let me clear this RailImages thing up and if people are asking about this on other forums, point them to this thread for an explanation.

    If you have been here very long, you know that it took us about a year longer to get RailImages going than we said when we first promised you image uploading. This was due to the fact that we wanted to get it right and we did run into complications when we started this development.
    Since the site was started, it has become very popular, not just as a place to upload railroad related photos to post on the various message board sites, but also as a destination itself to browse through people's photos. For that reason, we want to continue this sort of plan rather than just telling you to FTP your photos to your own personal web space.
    It is also important to try and offer this for free. We know you don't want to pay - but, someone has to pay. To date, I have paid for RailImages out of pocket and not through generated advertising funds.
    When we started RailImages.com I clearly stated to the web hosting company what we were planning to do with this site and what it would consist of. They were (of course) like car salesmen, falling all over themselves to sign us up. Now, all this time later, they have decided that we are using "too much resources" from their servers and so they want to slap us with a punitive charge and part company with us.
    I will give them their money and we will part company. Then, we will start a new site with a more reputable host. I am already negotiating with some now.
    The new software will be different and will allow some new things to happen and you're going to like it. So, there is some excitement here - not just a bump in the road. We are already testing on one of my personal web sites. With any luck, we can get things going in a week or two.
    For those with accounts at RailImages, we will try to get your photos downloaded from the server and e-mail them to you, or dump them in a directory for you on the new server. Unfortunately, all pictures posted from RailImages will always show the red X that w we all hate (If you are like me and use Mozilla, you don't see this.)
    Once the new site is going, you can go back to posts and modify the URL's to make the photos show from the new locations. We know this is not good but it is the best we can do. Obviously, steps will be taken to prevent this from happening in the future.
    Sometimes people throw up roadblocks but we will just move on and get something better going.
    We have received some enquiries from people wanting to know our requirements for space. It would be a gig to start along with plenty of speed. For this reason, we know people operating home-based or small servers would not want to take this on. We do appreciate you asking though.


    Just to let you know that over the past day we have been working hard on getting Rail Images back. At this stage we are going to new software that is excellent to use. We are currently trialing on our private site and hope to have an agreement with a web host very soon. The new site looks great and the software we are trialling has some real advantages over the old site
    The way it is looking though we will recover the pics and email those back to those who require them. At this stage you may need to upload all your pics back to a new album but when you see the site you will understand why we have decided to change the format.
    I will keep you informed of any further developments.



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    The TrainBoard people are, indeed, working on a replacement for Railimages. A possible software package is being tested right now. I can't say anything about it yet, since no decision has been made that this is the package that will be used. Whatever they choose, however, I believe you will like the results.