RAF Se5a (scale 1:14 ed Martinez Casalta)

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  1. A friend recently gave me a huge surprise when he sent me some
    printed paper models. It almost felt like having several Christmas+birthday celebrations on April.

    I like to use the gifts I receive. And the same as I would not store
    a shirt a friend gives me. I feel I cannot leave this models
    stored and uncut.

    My opinion is that the best way to honour the friend, and the gift,
    is to use it.

    So here's my building thread of Martinez Casalta's RAF Se5a,
    one of the kits I received.


    Editorial Martinez Casalta was a Barcelona-based print that produced
    several paper model kits during the 1990s. They were released under
    the commercial name "Paper kit". They published classic cars, a couple
    of airplanes (the beloved Fokker Dr.1, and this Se5a), and even a Mikado loco.



    Martinez Casalta is not on business anymore, and the kits they
    released are now hard to find.

    The kit comes in a big envelope, containing 10 pages of printed parts
    plus 2 pages of reinforcement parts and a sheet of pre-cut cardboard
    parts. The content can be seen on the back of the envelope.


    It also contains a page of very general instructions in three languages
    (Spanish, English, and German). And a big page with assembly diagrams.



    I include a photo of some of the pages. For size reference, the orange
    plastic triangle on the bottom right corner is a 32cms (12in) triangle.


    And also a photo of my left hand next to some of the cockpit parts.


    Assembly will be interesting. Diagrams are very clear and easy to understand.
    But for some strange reason, parts have a very weird numbering order,
    as you can see in the very first diagram.

    Part 1 looks easy. After 1 hour of work, this is how the cockpit looks like.


    At this size there are one or two things that can be added to improve detail. This will be a good opportunity to learn new skills

    I've been looking for a decent cutaway of the plane, But haven't found any. Just small images. I will have to use the pics on Vintage aviator for reference. http://thevintageaviator.co.nz/projects/se-5a-reproduction/se5a-walkaround

    However, there are things that are not easily seen. Like the correct shape of the pilot seat. I feel the one from the kit is not completely accurate.

    I definitely want to add some detail.
    I can't stand this plane to look so simple. And it is huge. It deserves some extra treatment.

    Will work on that cockpit soon.

    Time worked today: 1 hour
    Total time: 1 hour
  2. While I leave the seat for later, I started work today on the floor.

    I'm not looking for an ultra-realistic museum-quality model. I'm just trying to get something nice that I enjoy in the process.
    But I think the changes made will help a lot to the looks of the final model.

    I worked today on some details of the cockpit. Besides looking for a piece of cloth to simulate the inner sides, I advanced a little on the floor.

    Pedals built from scratch using cardstock and cardboard, with some water paint and silver ink. Control cables made using jewelery wire.

    The photo shows the original floor of the cockpit besides the new one I'm detailing. Pedals not installed yet, just overlayed to see how they will look.

    Time today: 3h 45m
    Total time: 4h 45m

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    Impressive model and great build up!! Do you know if this kit is still available anywhere or any other company that sells 1:14 (or similar) models?
  4. Red, the kit is from 1994, and their Fokker Dr1 was released in 1991. The publisher is out of business, and the kits can only be obtained through collectors now. They sometimes appear in European auction sites (Ebay Germany, Spain, Italy), but still they are very rare.

    I don't know of any other companies that produce airplane paper models at big scales :(. Almost all of them produce 1:32 / 1:33 or smaller (1:50) kits.
  5. In the past few days I've been working on this.
    Slowly but steadily.

    Added some more details to the cockpit, based on
    several photos. Far from a perfect replica, I know,
    but as I said, I just wanted to improve the kit, not
    to make an ultra-detailed model (I don't have the
    expertise for that yet ).


    The seat was heavily changed, and added a bit of
    natural leather to simulate the cushions.

    A comparison between the two cockpits:

    More details:


    This will be huge! Look, there's my little triplane sitting
    on the pilot's seat!!!
  6. Old instrument panel besides the new I edited using
    some photos from the Vintage Aviator:

    Assembled the cockpit and the first part of the fuselage.


    My old cell phone is now dwarfed besides it....
    and it's just barely half of the fuselage!!

    Adding the details and assembling up to this point
    took me 11 hours and 30 min, for a total work time of
    16 hours and 15 mins.
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    It is too late now for the instrument clusters but a hole punch would have been handy to cut out out the instruments gauges bevels and a second sheet of the instrument cluster behind it would have given it a raised and depressed look to the instruments. A clear acetate sheet in between for the glass look. But other than that, it is coming along nicely with the upgraded cockpit interior. Waiting to see more, see you around the forums.
  8. A series of small and temporary jobs have prevented me
    from working much in this plane or other projects.

    It is very little what I have advanced in the past weeks.

    However, I can share a couple of photographs (low quality
    due to them being taken with an old cell phone).

    Rear of the fuselage finished and attached to the cockpit.
    Look how no formers are used. Instead, blocks give the shape
    and add sturdiness to the structure.

    There are no fitting problems if you cut and fold properly.
    Glueing is easy, and parts fit very nicely.

    See you next time!

    This part: 3 hours
    Total time: 19H, 15m

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    thats nice