Racepaper.de Mitsubishi RalliArt Dakar team

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    Hi all

    Volker of www.racepaper.de has released his Mitsubishi RalliArt Dakar team

    the Pajero Evo2 trucks, the Pajero short body and the Pajero long body models are out, as is the Hospitality truck, and mechanic bay for the WRC team

    There are 3 cars posted to the german RalliArt page
    to get them go here http://www.ralliart.de/en/index.htm

    Of course to get the racepaper kits, go to www.racepaper.de and click on sonstige and then Rallye and you will see the link to RalliArt team.

    He will also release soon the Nissan and Volkswagen Dakar teams.

    Looking forward to this one