R\C Boat Race at work... (R\C and paper model combo)

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    OK - so work decided to sponsor some kind of team building thing and we are having a boat race! They bought each team a boat - NQD Super Cyclone 757 - its a real piece of work I tell ya ;) Neither the motor or the rudder are proportional. Full on or full off... Turning is an absolute nightmare. It will spin on a dime but the boat flips up to a 90 degree angle. Very easy to capsize. I also must mention that we have to decorate the boats. I am putting a card model of one of our vehicles on top as part of our decoration (it is waterproofed in theory - testing on that later)

    I am trying to figure out how to control the tipping. I have two design considerations so far. First getting one of those foam noodle things and cutting out circles to glue to the side (will look like tires) They will be glued to the side about 1/2 an inch above the waterline so they only contact the water in a turn.

    Other consideration is adding weight by either gluing to the bottom of the boat or to the bottom of the engine compartment to lower the center of gravity.

    I dont know enough about R\C boats to know how either of these options will actual work or the best place to put any weights.
    Help! :)
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    Love to see a video of an R/C boat race....
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