Questions about drift setup for an HPI RS4 Sport

Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by Beskone, Jun 3, 2004.

  1. Beskone

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    hey guys, i have a Yokomo Drift car, but i also have a really, really old RS4 Sport, and i want to set it up for drifting, so i can drift around with my girlfriend (ya, i know, g-f into drifting...schweeeet!)

    anyways, i dumped all the oil out of the shocks, and took most of the spacers out, so the ride is really soft, and the thing is dumped as low as it'll go - maybe a bit lower in the rear, and it'll drift - sometimes (on the yokomo drift tires)...

    but 1/2 of the time the front end pushes and grips like a mofo, and i can't get it back into a drift without some pretty violent counter steering/throttle action...

    any hints on getting it dialed in? - i'm hitting up home depot over the weekend for some ABS and i'll be making tires out of that for both cars.

    it's running a 17-Turn motor, i thought maybe it was lacking in torque as well as being setup badly...


    - Brian
  2. JZZ30

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    umm. i think you shuold make your suspensions stiffer? and put the oil back it. and i dont think the 17turns lacking in power.
  3. tsispyder

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    its my experience with what ive seen and been told as well on real cars yo uwant a slightly softer setting in the front nad a supper stiff in teh may be differnet for soem chassis but thats what ive always been taught...seems to work
  4. Onikyan

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    Super stiff dampers all the way around works best for me. The motor sounds like it should be tourquey enough.
  5. its your differentials. either lock um up or buy one ways or ball diffs! i got a RS4 sport also. it has the team associated 20 turn. it does fine when i drift it on my abs tires. but its nothing compared to my TB Evolution 2. my entry speed is faster. the RS4 is like a trueno and the tb is like a skyline. i left the shock oil in my shocks but i lowered it a lot. its roll center is very low. If you want to free up your belts a little bit you could leave them in a bag with WD-40 for 48 hours and it will free the belts up. make your gears lower so you can get more torque. well just try some of this stuff it should help.
  6. AE86 Drifter

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    hey man fill those shocks back up. use like 60wt oil. also use a stiff spring up front and a really stiff spring out back. as long as the car sits the same height all the way around the suspension should be ok. next take those diffs out and rebuild them. clean em out good and then put alot of wheel bearing grease in them. dont fill them all the way just coat all the gears good and put some extra grease in there. see how that helps!!