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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by AE86 Drifter, May 18, 2004.

  1. AE86 Drifter

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    hey guys i drifted on PVC again this weekend for like the first time in a couple months. it was so fun. me and my friends slapped on pvc cause my novak brushless died. i had a ball. it was so fun and easy to tandem and even go three wide. i will be drifting on pvc from now on!!! even with the brushless as soon as i get it back from novak. i just got a new saw that makes cutting PVC super easy. I will sell a set of four cut PVC tires that will slide onto almost any wheel for a reasonable price. i will sell them for 5.00 for four plus shipping. post here if you are interested
  2. mfzero

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    sign me up :!:
  3. AE86 Drifter

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    can you get me a money order if so post and i will give you address

    also i will paint face edge black . i would paint the whole things but as soon as you run em it wears off
  4. SiL_15_80

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    hi guys can you hook me up with some PVC wheels that i can buy???
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  6. Sorry. Was just trying to help the guy out.
  7. migoreng

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    blah whats with brushless motors dying???
  8. sheepdog

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    I didnt quite follow what happened in this thread... but anyways I would be interested in 2 sets of those PVC wheels if thats still available. I can send a money order or Paypal, whatever works best.
  9. chinobi

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    personally, i think pvc's are good if youre on a tight budget, theyre easy to find and easy to use, but i think theres too much slip and very less grip, not good for quick counter turns... and the acceleration is very poor due to all that slip... but i do recommend pvc to beginners, theyre cheap easy and so fun to drift...

    peace (if only they made black pvc's, or do they?)
  10. Represent316

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    Thatd be ABS, which i hear tend's to "hook-up" or have more traction then PVC.

    Should be in the hardware store near the PVC.
  11. Kenji_Sasaki

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    True, abs is midrange for peformance As PVC is used for more style during drifts and a more softer compound PE it grips and has the ability to drift alot faster but have less traction than drift radials. You can see this PE stuff in action in the D10 videos
  12. Represent316

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    Meh, i think when i do me a set of drift tire's, Im gonna go with ABS for the Realism look. Plus, with my tuned Cham 2, it can easily break tracktion on a driveway just gunning it from a half throttle roll with a 3000mah pack, on proline V-Ridges.
  13. Kenji_Sasaki

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    I only have used ABS its a superior compund for my drift needs, But at times it can be quirky
  14. Dingo@Sniper

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    pvc width

    I use 26mm HPI Wheels white 6 spoke, with 25 mm width fronts and 32mm rears, does not do spins then just nice controlled drifts
  15. jareb

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    I ve been using hpi volk te37 wheels with pvc lately 3mm offset front 6mm offset in the rear and slides very predictably, the rear diff is filled with heavy fluid and the front is meduim. Was wondering if anyone else has experimented with changing the offset, I used to drift with hard compound tamiya slicks at my old track in phoenix the shop there has an oval setup in the parking lot and usually about 50 people there on saturdays and the car drifted okay then but tires got destroyed very quick

    Traxxas nitro 4tec 3.3
    Tamiya tao3rs
  16. Dingo@Sniper

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    I Have now moved on to the 59mm x 35mm wide HPI Super rs4 wheels and have PVC on this, looks good and drifts well. Also Made some Vids of my night Drifting with lights and put them on Google video, Type in D1@RC
  17. jareb

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    Greats vids man, DRIFTO MAGNIFICO!!!!!!!!!!!LOL
  18. nic

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    nice videos man. i like how those lights look, did they come with your car or did you buy them seperate. if so, where did you get them?
  19. k im stupid how do you get pipe on the rims, im gettin a set of hpi 5 spoke and i need to know how to get the pipe on