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    I finally went back and photographed each prototype of my project. I found that I've made twenty of these things. I'd put all of them up but 20 photos might be too much. Instead I'll show the earliest, the major changes, and the most recent.
    #2 is from when I hadn't yet figured out that paper is the best medium. I was struggling with what to make the wing hinges out of and then gave up for about a year or so.

    #4 looks like a terradactal and I was trying to make hinges and wing supports out of paper. You can see it didn't work and I gave up again.

    The #6 was a break though. I dropped the scale which seemed to solve lots of stuctural problems.

    #10 was another break through with the wing supports out of styrene strips with wire for hinges. Then it got messy with #13 and #14.

    With #15 I decided to up the scale by 200 percent so it would be visible across a distance.

    # 19 I dropped the scale to the earlier size. It's easier to work in that size. #20 is where I'm at. I will probably do about two more before attempting the larger size again.

    Looks like only 5 files are allowed. I hope these are the most interesting.


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    Hi Lizzie,

    Those look pretty cool! I'm struggling with my memory banks trying to remember where I've seen that craft...(my brain is like a dark ghetto neighborhood, ya don't want to go there alone) It reminds me of a flyer I've seen on Yes albums.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!