Proton with Breeze M upper stage

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    Hey all --
    After a bit of a hiatus, I finally got off my butt and built something, and I posted photos in my gallery. (The 1/96th-scale project is on "hold" right now....) Anyway, the model is a 1/96th-scale Proton with the Breeze M upper stage.

    The model is a test build for Leo Cherkashyn, a very talented Russian designer who has offered some amazing models; I loved building his Energia/Buran combo last fall. I'm not sure when he'll be offering the Proton, but when he does put it up online, it will be a very welcome addition to the Real Space genre of our hobby.

    The model is pretty well designed and the build went smoothly. Assembly is fairly straightforward. I make a lousy test-builder, though, because I usually deviate from the kit parts or assembly instructions. In this case, I used a silver paper for the LOX tank, I used a coated (glossy) paper for the six fuel tanks, added detail to the first-stage engine nozzles, scratchbuilt the interstage trusswork, and added a couple of bits of detail here and there. But, by and large, this is a very well-detailed model, and my hat 's off to Leo.

    There are a couple of bits I may go back and "tweak" where my construction techniques were a bit overdone, but those involve problems I had, not a problem with Leo's design.

    As far as Real Space subjects go, we truly live in a golden age of modeling, with guys like Leo, Erik, Carl, Ton and all the others designing top-notch models. We're lucky to have them.