Problems reading signallites?

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    Hello all:

    Are you have problems working on your signal lights as you are trouble shooting them? Here is a solution that may help you.

    Remember earlier I talked about Block wiring using telephone wire? These blocks can be linked to L.E.D.'s to show you what the signal light is showing to the train.
    If the signal shows green
    to an on coming train. The green L.E.D. on the side of
    the table should be green.

    I use Atlas relays connected to the switch track. These relays have a 12volt source connected to them. REMEMBER: RESISTORS! As the track is switched and the signal changes colors. The indicator on the side of the layout also changes. For 12volt power indicators I use a red flashing L.E.D. I do line up the Led's as a signal light. I also mark them. Just like in the real world.

    This helps me out when I am working on the side of the layout. Now I don't have to get up and try to find what that signal says. Plus, friends think it looks high-tech!