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    Aug 20, 2004
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    Some people do have problems printing the PDF files.
    Not the whole plan can be printed
    Scaling problems, margins etc. are trouble makers
    I found a nice solution on the internet its cald:
    LEADTOOLS Eprint. It works on locked PDF files!!!!
    It shows up as a printer after installing but creates image files in a 600 DPI resolution multi page document will be translated in separate images.
    I have used it for the AVIA plane PDF files and do have verry sharp paintshop files of al the plans wich you can freely scale rotate redesign.
    The files are large about 3MB per page but are super sharp and the colors are excelent
    There is a 30 day free try here:

    View this for a small sample:


    I will not post the compleet images because I don't know how about copyright