Printing Help with Modelart kit

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    Jul 5, 2006
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    I'm printing out Dr. Zarkov's F-15E and the colors aren't coming out right. Where they should be greys, I'm getting gray-greens. I'm using an Epson stylus CX7800 which seems to give good color for everything else.

    An hints on how I can calibrate the printer or improve the color?

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    Sorry man, beyond my knowledge... :( do they look ok on screen? Also you arent running out of one color.... just gotta verify the easy stuff first. :)
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    Check your ink, then align the heads

    If your printouts look grainy or blurry, or you see light or dark horizontal banding, you may need to align the print head.

    Banding may also occur if your cartridges are low on ink or you need to clean the print head.

    1. Turn on the Epson Stylus CX7800.
    2. Load several sheets of paper.
    3. Windows: Right-click the printer icon on your taskbar (in the lower right corner of your screen). Select Print Head Alignment.
    4. Follow the instructions on the screen to print a vertical alignment sheet.
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    May 22, 2006
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    David: Does it look okay on your monitor? If so, and if your ink supply and head cleaning are not an issue, then there may be a color profile mismatch between your monitor, printer and paper. Each of the three renders the same color differently from what was intended, and the profiles help the printer and display produce the intended color on the specific paper you're using. If you're into serious digital photography, for example, you go through (at least, for me) a laborious procedure of monitor calibration and selection or modification of color profiles for the printer and paper you're working with. Problem is that there are usually no profiles for standard cardstock -- just for photo quality paper.... :(

    I use a Canon printer and am not familiar with HP's, but I'd guess they're a lot alike when it comes to printing photos. Why not get some HP matte photo paper, and print one page of the model on that, using all the paper and printer settings you would if you were printing a real photo at highest quality. If that works, then use HP matte paper for printing your model. Not cheap, but perhaps it's worth the paper and ink. If you don't have matte paper, try the experiment on any glossy paper your have with appropriate settings, and see if that works. At least it will help you know whether or not profiles are the iissue.

    If neither paper works, you could still be missing the appropriate profile for your printer and paper. Take a look at HP's web site for photo papers and see if they have a color profile for your photo-paper/printer combination available. If not, see if there's one for a printer that uses the same ink tanks as yours. That's worked for me on occasion. Last alternative is to use your printer driver software (the HP program that lets you set printing preferences) to play with the RGB settings until you find something that works.

    BTW, Roman Detyna (Digital Navy) uses nothing but matte photo paper for printing his display models. You can't believe the depth and quality of color! And the thickness is right in line with most card stock that we use today. It's obviously a lot more expensive, but when you get down to a serious build on an expensive download (in time and money), it's worth it.

    If you want more info, try searching "color management" on Google (or your printer web site). You might also take a look at Qimage at http:// . They produce both free and for-fee printing software intended for the serious photographer.

    Sorry for the length. I used to be a prof, and it shows....