Printing A3 on US Letter

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    Jun 25, 2013
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    I'm building Legal01's 1/400th version of Ron Caudillo's TOS Enterprise and have run into a problem. The pages with the nacelle parts need to be printed on A3 paper, but all that I have is US Letter size. Any suggestions?

    Also, are the parts meant to be printed on A4 or US letter? If meant to be printed on A4 (i think they might be) what should I do to ensure that the nacelles are printed in the right size to go with the rest of the model?
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    I would cut the pages in half horizontally and then just adjust any parts out of the cut line, and enlarge until they fit. it will be more pages, but at least you wont have to go to the expense or fudge around too much trying to adjust the prints, you can do it in ms paint by percentage enlargement.