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    Didn't see a good 'fit' for this in any other category so here goes:

    I'm introducing my (second generation) nephews to tabletop gaming and miniatures play, 'dumbing-down' the basic rules for Battletech and Car Wars in that effort.

    To do so I needed some large format graph and hex , which is not something one finds stocked at their local game & hobby center , so was referred to an online resource that allows one to customize such and then download as a PDF .

    In my instance I needed some 24"x36" and 36"x60" sheets of hex paper that had two inch hexes, in grey and black, the site allowed me to choose such particulars with no hassles and it's free to use !

    Attaching a zip of some examples in the above format-sizes.

    For anyone playing miniatures this resource should be most helpful, enjoy !

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