PPIHC 2004... the 82ed. Long read...

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    Wow. What a day it was. My day started off at 4:00 AM. Wake up, take shower, leave. What a trip it was. I was anxious all the way up... why? A little (i use that term lightly...) man named Jesse James. Yup... the living ledgon in the flesh. You know him from Monster Garage and or West Coast Choppers. So, me and my cousin go on a mission... find Jesse. We hit the pits... look all around. We pass the Propiane Car, Semis, rally, bikes ect. nothing. We look at the time and decide we should start up the hill, we parked at the pits and it was a 12.4 mi course... gota find some good seats. But on our way up we pass the Falken Drif team... i just had to stop. So we head over by the Subaru Tent to get a peak at the Falken Team. We get our pics and start up... wait... whats this? A big crowd... well, no ones really famous is here, lets go see. I see a red hat and WCC Jacket... Jesse? Nah, iv seen to many like him... better check tho. We hike over there... sure shiz! I see the old Surburban Painted purple with the Infamus "Monster Garage" logo! OMG! We get over there just to watch him walk back further in the pits... well, we had now got the pits. We decide to take pics of the truck and head over to the drift cars for a bit longer... who decides to come outa the pits? Jesse! My cousin got his autograph and a pic... i didnt want to bother him because he was about to go up the side of a moutian 12.4 miles at an average of 70 MPH... oh, And had a Shattered Ankle, broken ribs, and a little scratched face. So, i let him be... to be kind.

    Ok, enough of Jesse... its almost time. We head up and find a nice little tarmac spot about 1/2 mi up... it sux. We didnt have our drinks, and no food. So me and my friend jog down to the car and drive up... we are heading for higher ground. We get up to Mi 9 and park for a bit... we dont figure theres anything higher. As we sit there, we relize we didnt eat breakfast and dont have lunch - UH OH! So we check the map, the one place with food is at mi 13... crap. We head up. We finally get there - barely. Get some grub and head out to go down the hill a little ways to a Hair Pin with a portopotty on a blind curve... Sould be interesting. "STOP!" Oh crap we think. We cant head down any more... its going to start in 30 min... everything is blocked off. So we are stuck here. I notice a 60ish degree turn not but a few yards up.

    So we finally get up... get settaled and ready. I get my camera ready and hear the start on the radio. Whos first up? Yup... Jesse. Hes FLYING UP! Oh, i guess this would be a prime time to tell you more of the car. It had 5 mounted Cameras on it, 900 HP Big block runnin it. So here he comes, i hear the roar of the engine... still gota wait 4 min.. its that loud. He hits the corner and drifts out a bit... wow. He was flying by at ~79MPH... Crazy.

    Next up is a Propaine car. I dont really know much other then it looked sorta like a Cobra and was as loud as a Bowing 747 in your house...

    They are starting to fly by at a nice pace now... Audi, Suby, Suby, Mistu, Suby, 350Z, Suby... basicly the "rally america" team. Some are just taking the corner full speed going full tilt on it. Just some great racing action.

    Next up is Quads. This was interesting. Little twin turbo Quads going up the hill at maby top of 50MPH 2 - 4 at a time. Some had some GREAT battles up as far as i could see. Then after that came Motocross. Wasnt very interesting at first... then you get the guys riding 500CC's and what not taking the corner full tilt then pulling out in a wheele. Now its time for a break. Its about 11:30ish now. The cars start heading down the hill. Giving high fives and whatnot... doing 40 MPH wheeles DOWN HILL! Just giving a great Paride. Its intermission for about an hr. Half way threw we get message its snowing at the summat... not good. So we head down to the car and listen in. We look one minute... its clear as we could see. 40 SECONDS later we check and clouds are jusr rolling down the moutian. 40 more SECONDS and you cant see. Starts hailing, Raining, Snowing, and sunny... within a mile. This isnt cool...

    They are debateing if they should cancle... at this time we have about 2 inches of HAIL. Cant see, cant hear due to thunder. Just total bad ness. We sit threw that for 2 hours. They end up sending the rest up, just lowering the finish to half way - where we were! :D . So its now time for the FAST ones... Super Stock, Stock, Semi and open wheel. The first guy driving a Surburban flys by at a blistering 107.6 MPH. From the finish to the dirt road and the corner is not even half a foot ball feild. They are fishtailing left and right.

    This next part is amazing... Guy driving Super Stock is just blazing the course. He hits the "last corner" and just loses it... hes looking at the wall... nothing else. Less then a foot away is a 500+ft drop to no where. Pulls it like a champ and drives off the finish at 98 MPH. Open wheels go by... nothign real speical, just a few hitting 100 MPH. Then one Hits 104! These guys arnt playing. The roads soaked, starting to really get slipery with mud running down the hill... driving 90 degree corners at 100 MPH...

    Then the Semis drive by at 70 MPH... may not sound fast but when your driving a SEMI... up a MOUTIAN at 70... its fast.

    Overall the day was just Awsome! I dont think it really could have been much better other then the hail. I caint wait for next year to do it again!

    Heres some pics i got... i only got one camera developed so far. Ill try not to show too many... have 54 pics...
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    wow sounds and looks like a ton of fun. they dont got shit around here like that .
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    Ya.. it was REALLY FUN! You should try and make it to the next one... even tho it wont exactly be awsome. Robby Unsure, from the famous Unsure Family, said it was going to be his last race. He didnt like the rule that you have to race with the same size, brand, and type of tire you qualified with. He qualified with Dry weather tires, and the track was muddy. Got to the Summot, spun 180 degrees, lit a cig, got out ranting. He says "i almost lost it 7 times going up." He was driving a $100K Subaru Impreza WRX STi. He was not happy. Ended up getting a $2.5k fine for cussing too. After that he said he wont race it again basicly...
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    Looks like it was fun.