POTW Dec.10 - Dec.16, 2007

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    Howdy Y'all!
    First, my apologies for not changing the picture every week in a timely fashion.
    Things have been especially hectic around here lately and I have not had the time to devote to this forum like I want to.
    I shall strive to do better, but I think I will leave this one up for a couple weeks, on purpose.
    1 Because I'm late changing it.
    2 It's so darn amazing to look at!

    This weeks POTW features the Gun Turret HIJMS YAMATO in 1:100

    This beauty is built by forum member, JohnMGD and for lots of great photos and progress, you can view the build thread here...

    Congratulations JohnMGD on a most stupendous build and great photos too!
    The POTW is a well deserved and well earned, tribute to your efforts!

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    That is a super turret! Nice choice :)