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    The FROGGY picture place is just a "nick name" that I use for a picture storage place that I have been using recently.
    (There are other similar services)

    It's a free service, where you can store as many pictures as you want, the only limit is the max 1meg size, which is pretty big for our purposes.

    The reason that I like this method of picture posting are:
    ...Pictures are visible to viewers who are not logged in. Like potential members who just happen to be passing though!

    ...You are not limited to the attachment limit of 45k picture size. Cardmodels automatically resizes them to fit the posting, but then the viewer can optionally click on the picture to see the larger version.

    ....You aren't limited to the (3) can have as many pictures as you want, all in the one post.

    ....You can write comments between the pictures... rather than having them all together, as in the attachments.

    ....And, it makes a good back-up storage for your great photos, in case of a hard drive crash or something.

    If you want to give it a try.... just go to IMAGESHACK an set up your account. You can then just "browse" to the picture on your machine, and upload it. (They call it 'Host It! ) It will then display your picture(s) with all the codes you need. Just cut and paste the code into your report.

    For example, I paste the embedable code: for 'forums" ... and I get this...
    [Click to view full-size]
    .......... just click on it to get the full-sized version. It is 67k.

    ...or, by pasting the 'thumbnail code', for the same picture, you get this:

    ...Here for the larger version.

    I just mention this, because of the all the great pictures used in your reports, and I thought it might be easier your you. If not, no problem, but in any event ...Keep up the GREAT work!