Polygon subdivision in a sphere with Metasequoia...

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    Dear friends,
    I have a question concerning Metasequoia.
    Imagine to have a sphere with 12 gores (U=12, V=n). Each gore is planar, in the sense that can be easily developped in a plane by, for example, Pepakura. For questions related with the application of a texture, you have to divide vertically each gore in three other gores, maintaining the planarity of the gores. I mean, you cannot use the mesh smooting or the round options, because in this way the planarity of the three gores is not maintained.
    How can I do?
    I could cut any original gore into three gores (with two vertical cut), but this procedure is not very precise, is time consuming, and could result in the formation of unwanted extra polygons...
    Can you help me?
    Thans a lot!