Polish speaking moderator wanted for kartonmodell-forum.de

Discussion in 'International Modelers' started by Thomas Pleiner, Jan 26, 2007.

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    Feb 7, 2004
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    Dear all,

    over the last weeks www.kartomodell-forum.de
    encounters more and more registrations by cardmodelers
    from countries like Russia, Hungaria, Chzech Republic
    and mostly from Poland.
    The latter being a country of the former eastern block
    has the most impressive tradition in cardmodeling.
    Many polish cardmodelers improved on cardmodeling
    and their models are real masterpieces.

    We are happy that so many modelers from Poland
    had discovered us and use www.kartonmodell-forum.de
    as platform for information and communication.

    To provide those members an even better service
    and to help them to cross the language barrier more
    easier, we would like to enhance our team by an
    additional moderator.

    She or he should write/speak the Polish language perfectly,
    we would be happy if she or he is a native Polish. Her or his
    "Job" would be to act as first-contact and communication
    partner for our Polish speaking members.
    The optimumn would be if she or he is capable of an additional
    language from Eastern Europe, f.e. Russian or Chzech

    Whoever likes to volunteer as Ā»Eastern Language ModeratorĀ«
    on www.kartonmodell-forum.de is heartly welcome.
    She or he may contact me via Private Message.

    Thank your for your attention and have a nice weekend

    Best regards

    Thomas Pleiner