Polish bulk carrier MANIFEST LIPCOWY 1/400 Scale (JSC 093)

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    I'm always pleased to see JSC continue in it's trend of offering new merchant ships to it's line up, and this latest is no exception. This latest offering is of a bulk carrier and judging from the photos of the model posted on the companies website, this is a real gem! Looks like JSC continues to provide models with a good amount of detail even at this smaller scale.




    There is also an added feature available, laser cut parts, which is offered separately from the model. Not sure what this entails for this model, but from what I've seen from other publishers this seems to offer the modeler a slightly easier way of constructing the model. Personally, I don't see the need, but then what do I know, since I've never used them.

    Anyway, I thought some would like to hear about this new model. I can't wait to see my favorite online suppliers of paper models offer this one, and I might be tempted to order it direct since it seems to take quite a bit of time before the new JSC kits show up in the inventories of my favorite suppliers.

    You can check out the new model at JSC's webpage:
    Polish bulk carrier MANIFEST LIPCOWY (JSC 093)


    Just so you all know, I have no affiliation whatsoever with JSC, I just love their models!