PINK LADY Ballast on CNW

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    The material Rusty Spike is looking for is known as
    "Pink Lady" ballast. It is quarried in Wisconsin and
    sold to CNW.

    Analogous materials , are also produced and sold
    under that name as monumental,ashlar, and
    crushed rock quarried in the Dakotas and around
    "Big Stone" NWF on the Minnesota border. The line
    (DM&E?) running south from Rapid City along
    the main hghwy has had a lot of it dumped in the
    last few years, that came from the Dakotas.

    Regardless, Gary Kuhn's SCALE REPRODUCTIONS,
    grinds up two shades of "Pink Lady", taken from
    the quarry supplying the CNW, to model
    railroad size. He is on the Great Decals WWWs.

    See < >

    Good-Luck, PJB