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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Bob Collins, Dec 10, 2001.

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    Feb 2, 2001
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    We'd have to ask Shamus if there is an HO model that is USA compatible. I'd love to have one too !

    I took that picture of the Mallard at the National Train Museum in York, UK when I was there about 18 months ago. Sorry that it isn't a better quality picture, but the way the building is lighted makes it difficult to get good lighting with my digital which is basically a first generation one (Kodak DC 210). If you are ever anywhere near that musem, GO :) , it is absolutely fabulous. The displays are great and you also have the opportunity to walk through the areas where they are doing some work and also have a lot of "pieces" of old trains. They have one of the former Royal trains displayed in such a manner that you just walk along the platform (inside of course) and look into the train like it is sitting waiting for the Queen so it can head out.

    They also have a display where a steam engine is literally cut in half from stem to stern and it's internal parts move as if it were actually operating. I've never seen one like it anywhere else.

    I also tried to take some pix of a large HO display near the train station in York which I'd be happy to share if anyone is interested. They are pix taken through the glass, and although I didn't get reflections, it was very difficult to get a good angle to get really good pictures.

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    Seeing as how the Flying Scotsman was in the USA (Way back) no reason why the Mallard cannot also be a guest runner.
    They are still available to buy from Hornby, and they are very good runners. H0 only