Pics of the old Lionel stuff

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    Jun 30, 2003
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    Lionel Station

    this station was still in the original box, dated 6-49.

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    Mar 25, 2002
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    The first flat car has the earlier type of knuckle couplers, with an electromagnet; you can tell by the contact shoe on the bottom. This was replaced by the ones with a metal plate on the bottom that was pulled down to uncouple. The elctromagnets stayed on in some of the bigger locos and the streamlined passenger cars.
    The electromagnet couplers were activated by the 4th and 5th rails in the uncoupling tracks, while the metal plates were attracted by the little electromagnet in the red plastic bit that was inside the 3rd rail.
    My first Lionel set (1953) had one of the 2 dome Sunoco tank cars.
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    Jul 17, 2002
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    Hey SS,
    OK, here is what I got for you.The following is the catalog number for each piece with the years of manufacture.
    244 w/1130 engine/tender 1960-61
    221 engine 1946-47
    3376 Bronx zoo car 1960-66
    6405 flatcar(with trailer) 1961
    6804 flatcar w/USMC trucks 1958-59
    2411 grey flatcar(metal) 1946-48
    2465 Sunoco tankcar 1946-48
    6219 C&O work caboose 1960
    2472 red metal caboose 1946-47
    256 lighted station 1950-53
    KW transformer 1950-65
    and the only prewar car....
    2680 Sunoco tankcar 1938-42
    the switches are also prewar.
    Here are some notes on the equipment...
    The 221 tender is grey with white stripes and lettered "New York Central".
    You need a tell tale signal to operate the 3376.
    The 6405 came with a yellow semi trailer.
    The 6804 trucks are missing a anti-aircraft gun and radar dishes, still a very nice car!
    The 2411 came with either black metal pipes or wood logs.
    The KW is a great transformer, it will run two trains and has horn/whistle controls. It is missing the one cap on the black handle and the whistle handle. I would suggest having it checked out by a repairman. It should last you a long time.
    All the missing parts should be readily available from a parts dealer, except for the tender and possibly the USMC truck parts.
    If you need help finding a parts dealer let me know. Sorry about the long post but I hope this helps!:)
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    Nov 25, 2001
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    I see a running Lionel layout in "someone's" future. Looks like you got a nice variety of vintage goodies. I think the Neuse River train club in the Raliegh area runs some "O" gauge equipment. Check out their website and maybe contact some club members if you want some local help with your stuff.

    Their big train show is November 15 and 16 so if you don't get with them by then you can catch 'em at the show. And, you can come by and say hi to me, i'll be at the show with the Atlantic Coast group running S-gauge.

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    SS- I think the blue caboose is actually a stock car with a giraffe that goes up & down.