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    From time to time, I read where someone wants to know
    where to find photos of layouts. There are many places
    that layouts can be found on the web, but there are a
    couple places that are easy to find. One is the NMRA
    Directory at where you
    can follow the links to the layout listings in various

    Another place is the NMRA homepage at
    There is a layout photo posted as the lead in photo on the
    homepage twice each month. Those photos are changed generally
    on the 1st and 15th of the month. If you check in the NavBar,
    you will find links to the past homepage photos over 2000 and
    2001. While you are there, a very popular feature of the
    NMRA site is the Webmaster's Choice. Each month a new layout
    web site is featured. You can visit the layout listed on the
    homepage AND just below that Webmaster's Choice is the link
    that will take you to past choices from July 2000 right up
    to the last one. The Webmaster's Choice is changed about
    the 21st to the 23rd of every month.

    I hope that some of you find this information to be useful.

    Roger Hensley

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    Yeah. I look at the NMRA website occasionally to see what layout they have featured, as well, I found it VERY useful for the published "NMRA Standards" they have. Track clearances, curve clearances, platform heights, radius specs and track separation etc. A couple of spots on Garahbara I thought i'd "bend" the specs/standards a little. Regret it. They're the spots I have trouble. The rest? Perfect. Also they have a brilliant detailed explanation of DCC specs and wiring.