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    Hi, modelers.

    We are preparing to re-issue our catalogue. Because of the number of photo backdrop kits we now offer, and associated mailing costs for one “heavy” catalogue, we are planning to split into 3 smaller scale-oriented ones:
    Large Scales (S, O, G and related)
    Small Scales (Z, N, TT and related)

    Many participants in this forum have used and enjoyed our products over the years. We like to showcase your efforts, both through “SceniKing in Action” on our web site, and now in our new scale-related catalogues. Photo credit is always given.
    We are inviting you to send us, by e-mail or snail mail, good quality photos of your work showing SceniKing backdrops in action on your layout. From all photos received, we plan to use at least one on the cover of the catalogue featuring the scale shown in the photo, and will pay the owner of that photo US$100 for their time and effort. Other photos received would be posted on our web site as space allows. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact us, and thank you for your interest.

    Les Mavor,
    Managing Director,
    BPH Enterprises