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    I wanted to create a race car on glossy paper but whenever I try to glue it, it seems to delaminate. The glossy part just comes off and sticks to the otherside. I use plain old elmers white glue. I also noticed that whatever I glue does not stick to the back of the glossy paper very well (tried using just plain paper joiners glued to the back) am I missing somethiing simple?

    More questions to come I am sure.....
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    Consider buying Aleene's Tacky Glue, or Elmer's version(there is one), or the UHU all purpose glue(all available at better craft stores nationwide)

    Or get superglue for the photopaper, I have done it, it is ok, but you will get a contact high from it, done that too :D

    see if you can find from Epson, Glossy Photo quality Paper S041124
    I ordered mine, both Letter and A4 sizes from Epson USA's website

    actually i need to order some more glossy paper

    the cool thing about this paper, the glossy front will glue with plain white glue
    with out the need for superglue

    another more labor intensive option, use a #2 style blade to scrape off the glossy coating from the front, and rough up the back side of the paper done that too, ripped a lot of glue tabs off.

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    Excellent, thanks for the advice! I will check that paper out. Also if i have lots of questions, whats the preferred format, one big post with a list or multiple threads to be more concise? (for future reference searches) I suppose one big post in which case I will start writing them down as I think of them!
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    multiple posts are fine, that way each of your questions get the attention they deserve

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    Feb 12, 2005
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    Do major chains such as office max sell European paper sizes like A4?
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    Nov 4, 2005
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    Also, though this may be considered the "butcher's" method, try scraping the gloss with an x-acto knife where you plan to glue. If you know EXACTLY where the part to be glued will cover, you can scrape underneith it, use elmers, and it will stick and will not show where you scraped.
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    Not sure about a4 being offered here but if nothing else I am sure it can be found on the internet :) though shipping might be prohibitive. I probably wont go with the scraping, barely enough time to do other stuff ;)
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    all of the major US based Office supply stores do not carry any Metric paper

    only the standard US stuff

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    Don't you mean....

    all of the major US based Office supply stores do not carry WORLD ISO STANDARD Metric paper

    only the wierd NON-STANDARD Last-Millenium US stuff......

    Tim ducks back under his stone with his cockroach friends.....
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    How dare you suggest that our supreme american standards are not really the world standards!! heh heh just kidding of course, my personal opinion is we really need to go metric too.
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    Metric Sizes and Measurements

    I agree,

    It´s about time that you people in the "new world" stop measuring things using your feet and bent thumbs (inches).
    In Sweden, we stopped using our old measurement standards (fot, tum, aln, skålpund, etc) some 100 years ago . . .