Perry Rhodan Models

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    So there is a German Novel Serie ,Perry Rhodan, First Novel is Written 1961 and it still goes on Today.
    So in over 40 Years there are many Impressions of Models from Earth and Alien Ships.
    Most of them with a inside look.

    Here for example is the Only Card Model i know from a Spheric Earth Ship "Entdecker-Class" so this is a new one,...

    So the bad News are, most of the Earth Ships have a Spheric Form,...yes Damn,..:( that to Build is not Easy.

    But there are many things and Ships that Maybe with some Ideas the can Build

    Here is the Link to the German Side with the Pictures,...

    Maybe on the Base of the "Entdecker-Class" the other ships can go "Real" ?

    So look around , i think there is many to make,.....:-D