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    I hope you all can help me. My father owned a hobby shop in the early 1950's. I just found 3 Penn Line HO kits in his pile of "stuff". I know nothing about model trains. Two out of the three kits have not been built, the third is finished. The three are 1) Pennsylvania E-6 Atlantic (Locomotive and Tender), 2) H9 Consolidation (Loc. & Ten.), and 3) Pennsylvania GG1 - Electric Loc. with Automatic Headlights..Please tell me if I have something valuable, or only to me as a memory of my father. Thanking you all in advance.
  2. The Penn Line E6s Atlantic and H9 Consolidation are still being made by Bowser, so they are not valuable is the sense of being as rarity, but sell for around $100. now. The Penn Line GG1 is not being made by Bowser, and I assume this is the one that is assembled. This model, made of metal, had to compete with plastic models with as much or more detail that sold for half its price, but it ought to be worth 50-100 bucks to a collector. Check out HO trains on eBay and search for "Penn Line".

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