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    Hi all, While I have been following the goings on, and the ongoings of this year's Dakar Rally, 25th anniversary for those of you scoring at home.

    One of the teams, Team De Rooy/Gauloises, has released two models, of 409 and 414 the trucks that are in the rally, but unfortunately 414 crashed out yesterday, the cabin came off the hinges literally.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    For those keeping track, no those are not the models, but they are here: 2003:

    The trucks have been designed by G. Rutka.

    Enjoy, I know I will

    a Rally Nut
    ps, for those in the States, If you want to see what Le Dakar is all about, check out Speed TV on cable, they broadcast same day coverage of the rally, at 730pm and 1230am EST, check for local times