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Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by drwrist, Apr 2, 2007.

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    Mar 6, 2007
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    Hey folks;

    Does anyone, particularly our European pals, know of any places in or around Paris (the one in France) where one can look at and perhaps buy card models?

    While I am about it, I will be at the aviation museum at Le Bourget. Does anyone need any specific part or parts of any particular plane photographed?

    Yes, I know that I am a lucky something-or-other for being able to go to the land of the cheese-eating surrender monkeys. And believe me, I am grateful for the opportunity.

    I will be monitoring the forum from abroad for your responses.

    Gotta go pack.

    Semper fi

  2. rowiac

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    Jan 26, 2004
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    You can find l'Instant Durable architectural models at most of the tourist locations in France. I remember seeing the Mont St. Michel and Chartres Cathedral models for sale at shops at both of those places. That was back in 2000, before I really "discovered" card modeling.

  3. RM_clermont

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    EOL Hobby address is 3 rue du Louvre, is near to the museum, there you can find almost anything and Drwrist... be careful with those words "cheese-eating surrender monkeys" WE the French don't particularly like them, some french people think that the americans are big apes with big wallets.. plz don't give them a reason to be right ;)
  4. cgutzmer

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    Seeing as how my wife and kids are french (well the kids are dual citizenship) and I spend a fair amount of time in france I can assure you they dont like it and MANY of them do feel as RM suggested. (more so since Iraq) I know its in good fun but not everyone takes it that way.
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    Jan 12, 2004
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    'Cheese eating surrender monkeys'......Definitely uncalled for. The list is long when it comes to derogatory remarks and they can be aimed quite equally with great precision at Americans as they can at anyone else. Hey....I'm part canuck, kraut and frog. Now there's something from the island of Dr. Moreau :p. Take that and have fun with it! I hope you enjoy Paris. It's such a beautiful city!