Papier Mache

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    Try "Celluclay", an innocuous (chemical-free) product made out of recycled paper and wallpaper paste. This stuff comes in a bag and looks like/behaves like flour. Mix it with water to a dough-like consistency, Mould it and so shape it and, once it is dry, shape/carve it to your heart's content. This product is available at art supply stores.


    If you buy an old blender/food processor at a garage sale, and a pkg of dry wallpaper paste, you can make as much of this stuff as you want.

    You will need:
    1 garage sale blender (WARNING: MARRIED GUYS: DO NOT USE THE KITCHEN BLENDER/FOOD PROCESSOR for this, as you will be VERY SORRY if YOU DO. Trust me. I know this.... )
    1 spray bottle (approx 1 liter or so). Clean this and fill it with clean water.
    1 container of DRY wallpaper adhesive
    1 or 2 cookie sheets (OLDEST AND MOST BEAT Up THAT YOU HAVE: NOTE: Buy this at garage sale too)
    2 weeks worth of "The Village Idiot" or whatever your local community NEWSPAPER is called. (I will just call it the VI): basically, 12-14 sheets of newsprint paper (black and white ink preferred). A few grey recycled egg cartons, chopped up fine will work OK too..
    a few drops of chlorine bleach
    1 oven, heated to about 200 degrees F (150 C)
    3 hours without SWMBO and the kids

    1. reheat the oven to 200F/150 C and put in DRY, ungreased cookie sheet(s)

    2. Rip,chop or cut the VI into strips about 1" (2.5cm) wide by 1" (2.5 cm) long and put them into the garage sale blender until you get a layer approx 1" (2.5 cm deep)

    3. sprinkle the layer of newsprint with wallpaper adhesive

    4. Spray the layer of newsprint/ adhesive lightly with water.

    4. goose the blender.

    5. A gooey grey mess will emerge.

    6. repeat the processes until the blender is half full.

    7. Empty the blender onto the cookie sheet, spread it out flat, and slap it in the oven. Let it dry for an hour or so.
    8. Clean everything up, especially the blender, (make sure the blender is dry inside)
    9. Take the now-dry mache, put it into the blender, sprinkle it with adhesive and grind it fine.
    10. Put into waterproof bags.
    11. Clean everything up. Have a beer. Kiss SWMBO and the kids.

    You now have your own Papier Mache.