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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by Texman, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. Texman

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    Please!! What is the expected available date of the LAV?? Gotta
    build it! (And this from an airplane guy!)

  2. rickstef

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    I agree with you, the LAV is one of my favorite Armor pieces

    when I was a civilian contractor working with the US Marines at 29 Palms, I drove past the 3rd LAR staging pad, saw soooo many 25's and almost every version too, and even saw them drive through town, and I ALMOST got a chance to take a ride in one of them, some of the guys from the S2 shop of the 3rd LAR, "The Wolfpack" invited us to come over a hop

    I still wish I could have taken that ride :mrgreen:

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    Feb 3, 2004
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    PTA LAV C2

    the sand version is ready. currently being posted at
    rick has been asking for this one for a while. i think he fantasizes racing one in the dakar rally! there will be the -25 version released eventually. who would want to pass one of those?
  4. rickstef

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    hadn't thought of it, but with some minor modifications it is doable


  5. rickstef

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    I was thinking of using the HEMTT to go challenge the Dakar


    take your pick