PaperPanzer A7v WWI Tank

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    1. A7v Tank
    2. Scale: 1:72
    3. PaperPanzer, Model "Herkules"
    4. Andy Holmes
    5. PaperPanzer - Andy Holmes. Model page
    6. PDF. 13 pages (10 pages instructions and copy, 3 pages model parts).
    No password to open. Password protected against changes or opening in other apps (ie Illustrator, Photoshop).

    This is a first impression review, and my first impression is it's a very nice model.
    The instructions are illustrations and words and appear extensive and clear.
    The drawings of the parts is crisp because they are vector graphics-yippee!
    If a builder wants to scale the model up, it will still look crisp.
    There are several different paint schemes available.

    The model itself is pretty detailed for this scale. Lots of parts-but not too many.
    also looks like the treads and wheel can be build in 1 of 2 ways - simple and advanced.

    Is there anything exceptional? Well, I think the use of vector graphics makes the model exceptional. Being able to scale up without loss of quality is important as I like to build at 1:16 scale. Other publishers models of this vehicle are in a relatively low resolution paint formats that simply don't scale well.
    Also the number and design of parts are just the right amount so there's a fun build that should give good results but not be taxing or take forever to finish.
    Andy looks to be working on a line of WWI armour and I hope he continues. I'd like to see a Mk IV, Whippet an St Charmond (spelling?).

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