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    Well i finely made a some paper model of my own .. After surfing around the web for Paper train model i found a copy of a Diesel Engine after repeated e-mail trying to get designer of it because the download wasn't working .. i finally got a email back withe the model i had ask about repaint them .. again a week or two , i got the ok as long the they would not be sold for cash .. So i start looking for idea's !! All i used is the basic paint program to make them . Their a few in beta test as long as there no problum i will start to release them ..

    if you have any you like to see made please post or PM and i 'll see what i can do
    I do have other surprises in the works :)

    i printed them in N scale for the test builds , But i plan to make Ho scale !!

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    Thanks for posting. They look great.
    Picture is a bit grainy but I can see the work put into them.

    Can't wait to see your posts.
    Keep up the great work.