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    3D Buildings Out of Paper [​IMG]


    Google SketchUp is a free, powerful and fun tool for creating 3D models, and this story discusses a particular innovative way to make 3D buildings for Google Earth. Dr. Andrew Hudson-Smith created a 3D building of the Bank of China [​IMG] (GE 4 required), which he says was based on plans for a paper model off a web site. Normally you'd print a copy of the paper design of the building, cut the dotted lines and paste the model together. Dr. Hudson-Smith says: "Our cutting and gluing skills are quite frankly limited, but by placing the texture in SketchUp you can cut and fold digitally. Combine this with the ability of Google Earth Beta 4 to import textures and you can quickly create a 3D model which can be exported and viewed in context." Dr. Hudson-Smith works at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, University College London, and his blog regularly documents intriguing technology related to representing city buildings in 3D. Nice work.
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