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    11. International Paper Modelers’ Convention (USA) statt.

    31. Oktober / 01. November 2008

    Hamption Inn & Suites
    22770 Holiday Park Drive
    Sterling, VA 20166

    Funny, no one has mentioned it here.
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    Hadnt heard about it! Thanks for letting us know. Wish I lived in those parts :(
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    Sep 19, 2007
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    This is going to be a very nice event. I plan to attend.
  4. We need one of these at the San Diego Convention Center. That is where they hold Com Con every year. It would be a perfect place to have it and that way I could come.
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    Jun 16, 2007
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    I just saw this. It is now on my calendar for Nov. 1.

    For those in the DC/Baltimore area, I also plan on attending the IPMS DC/Baltimore Maraudercon @ the Harry Ruhl Armory in Towson, MD on Oct 18.

    Hint Hint, Heavykevie.

    I must spread the word of paper modeling to all. Bru ha ha ha.:twisted:

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    Jul 16, 2008
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    How did you find out about this?! :O I might have made plans to fly there from the east coast had I found out sooner :/ I hope they'll hold another in the Bay Area soon :(
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    Jan 23, 2005
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    I attended this event the last time it was held, in 2006. It was a pleasant and enjoyable experience, a collegial gathering of about 20 modelers displaying their works and giving small seminars. It is sponsored by H&B Precision Card, but it is not a heavy-handed selling opportunity for that vendor alone. Also, it's pretty close to the new Air and Space Museum Annex. Having said that, I am puzzled by the bizarre lack of publicity on this event. They have my registration info; they could have sent me a postcard. I used Google to find where cdavenport found the announcement; it was on "Kartonmodell Forum."

    I'm just saying, some publicity in the United States, or English, would have been nice. At the link above, there is a PDF; I have extracted the text and pasted it below.

    2008 International Paper Modelers’ Convention
    Here’s the information:
    Location: Hamption Inn & Suites (Brand New – free shuttle to Dulles Airport)
    22770 Holiday Park Drive (off Route 28 off Route 267 {Dulles Toll Road})
    Sterling, VA 20166 Phone 703-537-7800
    Date: 31 October/ 1 November 2008
    Schedule: Friday (sandwich buffet while we set up – drinks on H&B Precision Card)
    Saturday (open to public all day – dinner evening with auction)
    Set Up: One large room (can hold up to possible 20 tables)
    One smaller room (if necessary, where I will locate H&B and perhaps the make
    and take)
    Cost: $110 (covers convention fee, Friday buffet, table, and Saturday dinner) – with 20
    attendess we will break even.
    Menu: Friday Buffet (Club sandwiches, chicken wrap, pasta salad, potato chips and
    cookies) - $20.00 (includes tax and service charge)
    Saturday (two entrees, three sides, dessert, cash bar) - $40.00 (includes tax and
    service charge)
    NOTE: Hotel does not have a restaurant or bar – so meals and drinks are
    coordinated and catered
    Rooms: $69 per night for a single or double (without taxes)
    We need to select the dates and menu. Please complete and return to me as soon as possible – I
    would like to lock this in this coming week.
    DATES 17/18 Oct 31 Oct/1 Nov 7/8 Nov
    List Priority
    ENTREE Roasted
    Lasagna Chicken
    NOTE: I’ll select two with the highest priority
    Roasted Chicken – herb coated and oven roasted to perfection
    Lasagna – rich and hearty lasagna layered with meat, cheese and tomato sauce
    Chicken Penne Pesto – Grilled chicken tossed with basil pesto, roma tomatoes and penne pasta,
    topped with parmesan cheese
    Lemon Pepper Salmon – Salmon filet broiled with lemon pepper and served with a dill lemon
    butter sauce
    Blackened Chicken Alfredo – Cajun seared chicken breast toddes with mushrooms, sun dried
    tomatoes and penne pasta in a creamy alfredo sauce
    Sides Caesar
    List Priority
    Caesar salad – crisp romaine with a tangy caesar dressing, croutons and Asiago cheese
    Mixed green salad – mixed baby greens with grape tomatoes, carrots and a choice of ranch and
    italian dressings
    Cool cucumber tomato salad – fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and red onions miced with a tangy
    sund dried tomato vinaigrette
    Garlic mashed potatoes – whipped idaho potatoes flavored with butter and fresh garlic
    Spanish rice – rice simmered in spicy tomato sauce with diced vegetables
    Seasonal vegetables – chef’s selection of steamed seasonal vegeatbles
    If this menu does not please the majority of folks, we have the option of asking for something
    else or fining a local restaurant in which to have our dinner.
    Please mark here if you do not like menu (leave selections above blank.
    Beverages for the dinner: Cash bar - Imported (Heineken, Corona) and micro brews (Sam
    Adams, Old Dominion) = $5.00; Domestic beer (Miller Lite, Coors Lite,
    Budwiser) = $4.25; Premium wine selections = $6.25; soft drinks = $2.25
    Minimum of $200 in beverage sales of cash bar
    If you have comments or suggestions please list them here:
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    This International paper modeling convention is always near the home of the organizer. I think if you want a convention on the West Coast you'll have to organize it yourself. Avid paper modelers are thin on the ground, so I think you won't need the whole San Diego Convention Center. Your living room might work.

    I've been puzzling over how to organize regional paper modeling gatherings, but I think there may not be enough of us to make it happen. If it happens at all, it will be organized by amateurs, like the IPMS in its early days, not dealers. The plastic modeling show (and my club just held one on Saturday) is declining, but its mere existence is a result of the heavy mass marketing of plastic kits in the 50's and 60's and 70's. The increasingly aged IPMS is the echo of that boom. I think I see a hint of the future in the fact that video games are now the hobby heavily marketed to youth, and in various corners of the Internet people are ripping the 3d models from games to make paper models of video game characters.

    Thank heaven for the Internet; I think this is our convention.
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    this is too bad i would have loved to go to this

    i need more notice than a couple of weeks though...

    if there was a regional event in the s.e. i would attend

    maybe some pioneering folks would like to set up some thing like this and start a founders club that we could donate to ?

    well its a idea anyways...

    how about a annual swapmeet

    maybe if there are enough people interested we can have our own?

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    Mike Hungerford has staged a "MicroCon" at his home near San Diego for a couple years now. It's always a fun gathering of Southern California paper modelers, but it's unlikely we'll ever displace Comic-Con at the San Diego Convention Center.

    Actually, it's financially impossible to stage a small-to-medium size weekend paper model convention in Southern California. Believe me, I've seen firsthand how the Ship Modelers Association struggled every two years to host their Western Ship Model Conference aboard the RMS Queen Mary in Long Beach (the WSMC is now on indefinite hold while the SMA seeks an alternate venue). Similar problems confronted the IPMS/Orange County chapter every time they submitted bids to host the International Plastic Modelers Society/USA National Convention (we had many disappointments before finally getting the 2007 Nationals), and the Southern California Area Historic Miniatures Society also faces a challenge every time they run their California Show.

    The major obstacle is the lack of local hotels with appropriate meeting halls for exhibit space, demonstations, lectures, etc. Most candidates are clustered in the main tourist areas, so the already inflated Southern California room rates skyrocket even higher. Most hotels require that convention organizers guarantee a certain number of "room nights" reserved by attendees. Otherwise, the hotel would charge rental for the meeting halls. Such a hefty additional bill would be ruinous if the fledgling convention couldn't attract enough hotel guests (which probably means it also didn't gather enough attendance fees to cover other expenses).

    SCAHMS doesn't need to worry much about fulfilling room nights, since the California Show's miniature figure auction is their primary money generator -- this attracts collectors and miniature figure painters from around the world, and some figures sell for thousands of dollars! IPMS/USA Nationals on the West Coast have traditionally drawn a certain number of attendees, so IPMS/OC could predict their room night count with some confidence. But even with internationally-known speakers to entice ship model enthusiasts from out-of-state and beyond, the SMA always sweated to the last moment worrying about room nights.

    The 2007 IPMS/USA Nationals chairman literally spent years scouting every suitable site (even rental halls not connected to hotels), and gave a frank assessment a couple years ago when I tenatively inquired about a small paper model convention. The basic fundamentals have not changed since then. That's why the "Southern California Paper Modelers' Conspiracy" has concentrated instead on "infiltrating' other conventions, such as past Western Ship Model Conferences and the 2007 IPMS/USA Nationals. In fact, this was the first time the IPMS/USA even recognized paper models as a separate contest category!

    From my experience, we still don't have sufficent numbers of paper modelers that could attend a Southern California convention and make it economically feasible as a separate entity. But it's far easier to work with other conventions as an additional "feature" -- somewhat like a mini paper convention *within* a convention, such as the 2007 IPMS/USA Nationals. So for now, I'll keep looking for potential opportunities and I'll keep you informed on any promising developments.

    David T. Okamura
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    any paper modeler's convention in the Philippines
  12. Texman

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    Well, here in the next 6 months or so, the lower eastern U.S. will have 6 or 7 of us in at least a 4 state region. That's almost enough for a convention!

  13. David, Please by all means keep us posted. I would love to participate in such an event.
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    Just saw this... I too would like to hear more about the whens and where of another convention.