Paper Model Storage Box Part Five

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    Nov 16, 2004
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    A Velcro hook and loop strip is used to secure the top of the box to the base. It wraps around the lid much like a suitcase strap, but instead of a buckle or dome fastener, a separate 4 in. strip is epoxied under the base as shown. When the Velcro strap (to be added later) comes over, around and down from its fastening point at the back, it hooks onto the short strip as it passed under the base.

    This system of archiving models has worked well for me. Unless you have a large glass display area, you can only display so many models at a time. Without it, I'd have models all over the house collecting dust and losing their fresh appeal. This way, I can look forward to bringing out and displaying a 'new'model as I wish.