Paper kits being made into photoetch kits . . .

Discussion in 'Off Topic Lounge' started by Millenniumfalsehood, Jul 30, 2010.

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    I'm probably blowing my stack over nothing, but this just irks me to no end. Sunichi is getting ripped off by a Chinese dude: pe parts&_sacat=See-All-Categories

    If you notice, all the sci-fi kits are Sunichi's in photoetch form. With no credit given to the designer.

    There's a thread on Starship Modeler, and they seem to think there's nothing wrong with it. I love those guys, but I can't stand this. It's like someone creating a beautiful blueprint of the Battlestar Galactica and putting it up for free, then another person coming along, downloading it, then putting the print on T-shirts without consulting the dude or without giving him royalties (this actually happened, btw).

    I don't know the word that describes how I feel about it (hurt? angry? frustrated?), but rest assured my emotions are reaching the boiling point.

    Am I just blowing smoke, or is this another in a long line of injustices?
  2. ekuth

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    No, you're not alone.

    But as with piracy, our stuff falls into a "fuzzy" legal category. Sure, there's laws being broken, but which laws?

    Dealing with one country is bad enough. We have an international community...

    I think basically it comes down to a choice for the designers:

    Give it away for free and know it'll be pirated.
    Lock it down, charge for access and know it'll be pirated.

    And people wonder why UHU02 is so particular with his models... Frankly, I'm just grateful he's as generous as he is.
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    It is a disgusting world we live in that people take advantage of others good nature. I am right up there with you in anger. After having several works of art stolen thru the years and finding little can be done about it. maybe some day there will be a universal law covered by all countries to protect us.
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    Yikes this is horrible and happens in all hobbys... and the laws as stated above is fuzzy line.. but still disgusting of people to do.
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    You can notify E-bay of the intent to sell stuff that not of that seller . they have a number to call.. it not much but if you can prove it they remove the auction !!

    i know my friend have a problum with a auction, not paper model !
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    I had a couple of things ripped off of me and put onto ebay. They are all really really understanding in situations like this and will take care of it almost immediately.
  7. Rider_Birth

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    The problem of piracy can occur anywhere. Whether it's in the real world or virtual world like in this forum. My advice, if you want to get royalties from the design that you create, you should register immediately about patents of products you make.
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    Well, I have to give the guy credit for photoetched paper kits. That's very creative. I wish I'm the one that through of that. Of course I would not steal someone else works but design my own. But, I can't really say that guy stole from Sunichi.

    Yes, that guy took Sunichi's templates and recreated models in different medium. But, Sunichi's models are free. People will take it to do whatever with it. That guy should at least give credit, but he really don't have to.

    Cause, do you know if Sunichi asked and received permission from Lucasfilm to freely distribute their property? Maybe he did, maybe he didn't. I don't know, I didn't ask Sunichi. But, if Sunichi didn't get permission from Lucasfilm. One can say Sunichi stole from Lucasfilm first, even he giving out free. The same as people copying software or music and put them on their site for free download, shearware.

    Not defending that ebay guy at all. Just in this case, if Sunichi did not have permission. Then, why should anyone need to get permission or give credit to Sunichi?
    You take from one, and one take form you. And so, the wheel turns.

    If Sunichi do have permission, that ebay guy is dirtbag. If not, they both will have trouble with Lucasfilm. If Lucasfilm care enough to want to shut them down.