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    Feb 13, 2010
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    Dear List:
    I would Like to Give a thankyou to For having paper baseball hats on their site.My 9 year old daughter and friend in 3rd grade are doing a school talet show:eek::eek:. Doing a dog song and dance:cry::cry: They want to look like dalmationssign1 so the wife got big white T shirts and the kids painted them with black paint spots then Daddy how about those paper hats you made last year for valentans day? I went to the site and saw one is in black and white PDF. printed 2 NOTE I put it together inside out!!!! so they are white on the outside made ears with tabs glued to sides the girls painted black spots on them . the hats fit 9 year olds.
    Thanks for paper models:wave::wave::wave:
    Miles Linnabery