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    Paper Glide says it works better than wax paper. Wax paper?

    Well after sending $4.95 for this stuff calling itself Paper Glide. I have a mini test report.

    Also included was the main resaon of my internet search "embosser stylus". I found several sites that have embossing tools. I chose this particular one because the tips are interchangeable ( and I was really curious about the paper glide).

    The Empressor has a spring loaded end and a stationary end. The spring loaded works great!

    The 2-pieces of scrap cardstock, underneath the tools being tested, are identical except that the one underneath the empressor box has been fully coated with the paper glide. No change in color, but big change in the feel of the cardstock.

    They were misted like the instructions say, you just mist the spray and wave the cardstock in the mist. Works great, and is easy to do.

    After scoring the treated piece first and then switching to the untreated piece, there is a big difference in the smoothness of the glide.

    The empressor was $10.95 + paper glide $4.95 = total $22 with shipping.

    My models require long (36" 914mm) bends for the wings and other surfaces. Hopefully the broken embosser pictured won't happen to the new comfy metal one!

    Wilde-Ideas Site Search Results

    Oh, the wax paper? ( On the paper glide bottle it says "forget wax paper") On the empressor box it says to rub wax paper on the cardstock. Has anyone ever done this?

    BTW-Mercart has several metal embossers that I'll be checking out next! MercArt USA - Metal Embossing Tools - Interactive Catalogue

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    Sounds interesting. Thanks for the info - and just in time for Christmas. :)
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    How is the Paper Glide when coloring edges? Does the card resist bleeding?