Paper airplane machine gun

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    A German engineer has developed a machine that automatically folds a sheet of paper into a paper plane and launches it:

    Most of the gun was 3D-printed. A first prototype used A6 size paper, the latest version (albeit not quite perfect) is fed with A4 paper. Incredible and unbelievable - but true! :)
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    HA! Now that would be fun...... For about 5 minutes ...... :)

    Automated paper folding is no new concept. If you have ever worked in the packaging industry, like I did for a few years, the use of rollers and curved feeder rails for folding and creasing, is common place.

    To incorporate it in a 'toy' is clever.
    But, I don't think he will become a millionaire from it though ...... ;)
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    He would need a backer. He might be able to make a little "wad' of cash by selling the idea. I invented one. It consisted of a tube, you would chew up a small bit of paper, and whenthe consistence was just right, you would put it in your mouth, and blast a puff of air. it is surprising how much it stun, especially if it had a high "loogie" ratio. ;)

    O c0urse, the British have taken it to new heights:


    These plans, though simple, produce a very high velocity "pitooey". I imagined if it was rifled, you could get some superb accuracy: