Paddle Wheel Aircraft Carrier

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    I was just down at the Pima Air Museum and I saw a Model of the USS Wolverine, IX64. I thought it was a nice model and then I noticed that it had no screws!! I looked to see how it was powered and saw paddle wheels on the side. Here is a link to the USS Wolverine:

    Is there a paper model of this ship?
  2. the link doesn't load?
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  4. Thanks logicman that did the trick. What an interesting ship. I lived in Michigan and never knew about this. a top speed of 17 knots who would have thought. Very cool. The only thing cooler would be if one of your designers would step up and design it in paper.
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    See this thread

    This subject has come up before (see The site you link to has some good pics to work from. Perhaps you could contact the person that built that replica and see what they can share for reference materials, drawings etc.

    There's certainly interest in the subject, you just have to get it to the top of someone's to-do list.