Pad 34 is ready to build!

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    The final build file for Pad 34 is ready to email out! I will get You
    some instructions out in the morning. This file is way to big to
    publish on the groups, (Had to zip it down Just to get a easy email
    out). The deflector will need to be built first. It's top fits up
    inside of the blast pit, (This is correct, (I have the subcontractors
    drawings, (and removal opp. pictures), to refer to). I will attach a
    copy of them for Your review and comment, too, (If You wish to have
    the build files emailed to You). They used to tip the deflector up
    with a payloader, (Then drag it out). This config. of the pad is for
    SA-1 thru SA-4 only. I am going to put a disclaimer on the build files
    and instructions, (To alert the builders to this point). The pad was
    upgraded for Block II & IB, hold downs, & support equip., after SA-4
    flew. Pad 34 had a wild history, (and is now a reg. landmark, (Apollo
    I fire site)). If You have never been to the site, (Make a trip, (It
    is a real little slice of history)). Someday I will revisit this, and
    37 for a tower design/builds.

    Have a good night,

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