P-51 Packard Merlin V-1650-7

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    So here it is...
    Im kind of new to the paper modeling industry but not new to modeling in general as i have done numerous plastic models. As that being said i am currently attempting a Packard Merlin V-1650-7 Engine of the North American P-51D. Of course im sure many of you know that this model is not readily available to the modeling industry, but they are available in 1/72 and 1/48 scale in resin; however, they are to detailed and i honestly dont want to scale one up. My current build will be a 1/16 scale engine and eventually a 1/10 scale engine. So whats available well all i could find was a RR Merlin 45 in 1/33 scale which ive come to understand is the most popular scale for paper. Anyway I have decided to scale that up to the size i want and make any corrections needed to get it to look like the V-1650-7 Engine.
    Enough back story. As I have said I am rather new to paper modeling and I am currently looking for any help/suggestions from the pros. I am not just building it in paper as some plastic and putty will be involved but most will remain paper of some kind. These are my tools as they are very limited, so keep that in mind:
    Exacto Knife
    Sand paper
    Crazy glue
    Standard construction paper glue(dont know what else to call it)
    Various thicknesses of cardboard/plastic/balsa wood
    So with that in mind does anyone have suggestions on how to tackle such a rather large small project. I plan to rely heavily on my plastic modeling skills and hope they can get me all the way through it so i will be ready to build a larger copy. Also has anyone ever painted their paper anything special to do it? How about glue anything special you guys use? and lastly i see 65lb cardstock is what a lot of guys use, will that work for me too or should i just skip it?

    PS. when finish I do plan on getting some photos up of the build and finished product. I hope i havent forgotten any questions.

    Thank you in advance :wave: