P-2 Neptune Op-2e Version

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  1. I am looking for someone to step up and design a model of the Top Secret conversion of the SP-2E Neptune. It was converted in 1968 for an ill fated mission in Vietnam. There were 12 in all and they flew the most dangerous missions of the entire war. They suffered more csualties than any other squadron for it's time in service. The project was de-classified in 1999 and only then could their story be told. I had the priviledge of serving with these guys when I was in VP-31 at North Island and watched when these aircraft flew out under cover of darkeness This is a squadron of heroes who deserve to be honored. This is a truly uniqe one of a kind aircraft with a deserving place in history. For more information go to
    VO-67 Association - Introduction - Welcome Page

    How bout it guys, any takers? You design it I will send it to them to post on their website. I will also build one and send to them.

    They have plenty of pictures on their website. I'm sure they would assist you in any research you need.
  2. No takers yet? Common you guys (and girl) how bout it. The guys at VO-67 were happy that I was even trying for this immagine their surprize if someone actually takes on this project. They scraped the treetops in Nam for us can we do this for them?
  3. Still waiting?
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    Sorry, can`t help you with this, it`s kind of hard to volunteer for someone else`s project if one is not really into it also. However, I do know that anyone who wishes to take a crack at it will need at least a detailed 5-view ortho sketch for starters.

    Good luck!