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    Any one in Gauge-Land have any old drawings/builder prints of this passenger equipment... 1.) AF Streamlined Coach
    2.) AF Baggage Car
    used by: Boston & Maine Railroad
    Bangor & Aroostook Railroad Co.
    New Haven Railroad

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    Dec 22, 2000
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    Osgood-Bradley was in Worcester, Mass. They had merged into Standard Steel Car around the Great War , and with the creation of Pulman-Standard in 1930 they became the division manufacturing transit equipment until the plants closing in 1960. The passenger equipment known to modellers as" AF cars" , were important in being part of the first ready made 'HO' toy trains sold widely in North America. Most came in a set with American Flyer's model of a Hudson. AF was responsible for creating widespread interest im two scales. Namely, 'S' (that was known as C-D scale when they started producing in it) , and 'HO'. They also produced the Osgood-Bradley smoothsides in both gauges.
    Plans for all variants, have appeared in the model train periodicals over the years, and you can search the online Kalmbach maintained rail magazine indices. Since these are limited in time, the STEPHAN's Indices for the RMC and MR , which are more comprehensive ( but also out of print), will have to be consulted at a library carrying them.

    STEPHANS RAILROAD HISORY is still around, and on the web. They sell railroad and modelling oriented printed matter , and publish the "Train Shed Cyclopedia" series. These can be obtained from dealers in books , and you can look through the list of their contents to determine which one to buy to get the plans.

    The historical societies of the Boston and Maine,New Haven, and the Reading all have plans of these cars, and will sell copies . Each month the MAINLINE MODELER publishes a list of the names and addresses of all the railroad historical groups. They also print more plans than any other model publication, and each month list the contents of all available back issues. So reading through this may also produce a way to acquire these plans.
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    PJB: Thank you for the information!