ORLIK BRDM-2 mod. 96i

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    BRDM-2 , Model 96i variant
    Scale: 1:35
    Publisher: ORLIK , Catalog #5
    Designer:Szymon Kołek
    Distributed by The Hobby Factory

    This kit is a model of the Polish-built Model 96i variant of the BRDM-2 wheeled reconnaissance vehicle in an interesting 3-colour camouflage scheme. (The Model 96i lacks the belly wheels typical of the Soviet BRDM family and is conspicuous by the large personnel access doors in the hull sides). It would be a fairly easy process to convert one of these kits to a Soviet version, and I may try it sometime!

    There are over 300 parts on 4 A4 sheets of cardstock, with 2 pages of assembly drawings,plus 1 page of Polish instructions, some vehicle history/technical data, and several clear colour photos of the assembled model.

    Print quality and registration are very good.(This is obviously a CAD design) Assembly appears to be straightforward. (More on this to follow).

    Fans of modern Soviet/WarPact equipment will like this model, I am sure.
    The 1:35 scale is unusual for a card armour subject (but welcome to me as I lack space for models in the larger scales). I am looking forward to building this kit.


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