Origami Christmas surpise

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    Well, my first thread after a few months of lurking and the occasional post.

    Here is a an origami box I made to put (one of) my wife's Christmas presents in. Here's a bit of a back story, skip to the pictures if you want.

    I bought a racquetball racquet for her (after much hinting) and decided it was much too obvious a shape to wrap conventionally and place under the tree as it would take away any element of surprise, so I decided to hide it instead. Then in a flash of inspiration I thought about making a treasure hunt to find it instead of just passing the present over. I let that gestate for a few days and thought a picture clue treasure hunt would be ideal (each clue leading to a new location where the new clue would be hidden, in a book, under an ornament etc). Then I realised I would have to find something special to put the first clue in. So started my hunt for a suitable box to make rather than buy.

    I trialed a few origami designs (but these were too insubstantial) before settling on the modular approach I found here

    Of course I needed some nice paper to make it from, seeing as this was mostly a homemade present I decided to make some, kind of. I looked around for some tile-able Christmas designs that I could print out and cut into squares and settled on a couple from DeviantArt. I scaled and tiled these until I was happy, printed them, cut out squares, folded and et voila, a nicely presented surprise present.

    Here's some pictures.
    The base of the box made up and the 4 sections for the lid folded and ready to combine
    2 sections going together
    2 halves of the lid
    The lid halves combined and the last tuck about to go in

    Now I've broken my duck I'll post a couple of other Christmas builds.

    Apologies for the length.

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