Orel Polikarpov I-1 1:33

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    1. Polikarpov I-1 Russian Fighter 1923
    2. Scale 1:33
    3. Orel #12
    4. Designer unk (not obvious, and I can’t read Russian)
    5. Distributor Orel Publishing http://www.papermodeling.net

    The model comes as an A4 booklet with 4 pages of card, 1 ½ pages of paper patterns, 2 1/2 pages of 3D illo instruction and 8 pages of text instruction in Russian, German, Polish and English.
    Artwork is computer drawn, with very delicate outlines. Printing registration is perfect. The exterior skin is printed in a matte silver colour, that is rather pleasant, and not as glaring as some silvers. Weathering is confined to the cockpit floor boards and gun troughs.

    The cover shows a difficulty level of 2 out of 3. Construction is very ‘former-heavy’ like some Halinski kits, which will yield a very solid and dense model. All of the flying surfaces are separate, and the cockpit has good balance of detail for a simple aircraft.
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    Do yo order from their site? I can't manage to register. Every time I have tried I got the same registration page.

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    I didn't have any problem going through the registration process ( I'm using Mozilla Firefox) but I did have to send a seperate email to confirm the order and then paypal a payment. The models were very well packed, and arrived in 11 days (itmight have taken less time, but there was a national holiday - no post)