OmniChrome Foiling for metallic surfaces

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    Back in 1990 I was attending the Art Institute of Seattle, for graphic design/commercial art.
    It didnt pan out..$$$$.
    That said, one of the things that i had taken away from that, that I always thought was really cool was an application in graphic presentation projects that I had done called Omni Chrome.
    It was really very cool, and would have the perfect application here in paper modelling, allowing you to create effects and finished models or certain parts of models where achieving the effect to good affect would otherwise yeild a more problematic or at least far less efficient process.
    It has the same result that you find on some of the professionally produced models,where a metallic surface is actually a foiled surface that is actually a prt of the paper substrate and not just stickered on.
    A piece of artwork is broken down into just s pure black and white hardline graphic. Thid image is then run through a photocopier,or similar photostat machine capable of applying a toner.
    The OmniChrome foil sheets came in s pretty good library of colors. The natural metal standards, as well as magenta, turqouis,purple, cobalt, emeald etc etc.
    The sheet was laid carefully over the artwork fixed at one end, and yhe whole thing was passed through a heated "pasta roller ".
    The chrome would bond to only the toner parts of the image.
    It yeilded a colored chromed image as crisp as the artwork.
    Sadly as the era of digital media and digital rendering took over the then still viable good old fashioned artist in his studio hand drawing and conceptualizing on bristol board method of commercial art, many things like OmniChrome and other unique visual applications, went the way of the dodo.....or Phil Tippet 's go motion dinosaurs.
    I know there are still companies all over using s similar process daily in their printed matter, as it can be seen everywhere...even some of the paper card model companies like SciKits using gold foil on their fleet of exploratory craft.
    However, OmniChrome was more readily available to the guy workin out of his office at home.
    Sooooo..the question is...does anyone here know if the OmniChrome or similar process accessories are available anywhere?
    It has a ton of possibilities in paper card modelling. Things like instrument booms or truss work on space craft models etc.
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    This sounds very interesting. If there is anyone who has some experince with that precedure it would be cool to see a tutorial on this.