Oliver's Calypso

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  1. Here is my build of Oliver's Calypso. I was surprised at what looks like a relatively simple model, was quite challenging to build. Olli has an interesting style. I left my edges un-colored which gave it a softer look. There was quite a bit of detail if you look closely. When I built the Helo I wasn't even sure what it was until I checked out later build pictures. The only instructions you get are the ones on his build thread located here,

    C:\Documents and Settings\HP_Administrator\My Documents\CARD MODELS\DESIGNER-OLIVER BIZER\CALYPSO OLIVER BIZER\thread.htm

    I like the scale as it takes up very little room on my shelf. Thanks Olli!:wave::thumb:

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  2. Oli, I have a question. I found the roof of the wheelhouse to be smaller than the cabin. In looking closely at your build pictures I see you had the same problem. I would suggest perhaps enlarging that part. I printed a second one and glued it further forward to fill the gap.
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    Great construction of a big little model. Thank you for sharing the pics and thanks Ollie for the model!
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    Wow, that took me back, I loved watching "Jack Who Stole" on Sundays when I was a kid! (it took me a few years to figure out it wasn't "Jack who stole" :p)
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    Hi, thank you for the pictures :wave::mrgreen: :wave::mrgreen:
    Very good build :thumb::thumb:
    HMMMMMM i have a problem with the roof?
    Can not me remind.
    Look at the picture

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  6. Maybe it was just me. But when I looked at the build thread pics it appeared as desribed earlier.